A bit about me

I first got started in web design when I took an HTML (aka "Introduction to Web Design") class in University, over 10 years ago. Now all of that stuff I learned is out of date, but what it did at the time was prompt me to switch majors - from Education into Computer Science. A few years later I graduated ready to hit the world as a programmer. But as creative as that can be (in a geeky sort of way), it was just not enough fun, and so GreenPixel Designs was born!

I have been creating websites for over 6 years, and specialize in small & home business clients. I love helping people reach the next level with their business. If you have a company that does not yet have a web presence, I would love to talk to you. Don't be intimidated by the process...I am here to help and make it so easy for you!

Client Testimonial:

"Melissa snaps, crackles, and pops. I'd recommend her to anyone. She's absolutely fabulous!"
-Janeen Norman, CEO Fabulous Corporation